• 7-day-a-week ministry opportunities: Our ministries have been constrained by cost, space, and time requirements of rental facilities. Having our own building would exponentially increase opportunities for youth/children’s ministries, small groups, adult ministries, community service, and innovative new ministries.
  • Visibility and access: Historically, churches that open in a new permanent home experience 50% growth within the first year. Adams County is expected to be the fastest-growing county in Denver in the next 20 years. Our property is in the heart of a corridor of rapid residential, retail, and commercial growth. The property is directly adjacent to a 496-unit apartment complex, and just blocks away from the new Amazon Fulfillment Center and Simon Outlet Mall. Our location will be physically visible to hundreds of thousands of people as a place of hope.
  • Stewardship: Our financial investments in facilities will go into our own building rather than renting, giving us a long-term home for ministry for generations.
  • School home: Phase 1 construction would enable ThornCreek Christian School to more than double its current enrollment to upwards of 250 students, eliminate costly rent, and expand the reach of its high-quality, Biblical-worldview education. TCS could expand to include daycare and a more robust preschool program, expanding revenue and ministry opportunities.
  • Spiritual home: A central location will enhance the efficiency, unity and creativity of the staff and leadership and will give our church community a home for events, ministries, and fellowship.
  • Leases for both ThornCreek Church and ThornCreek Christian School end August 2018
  • High monthly rental costs (~$10K) are not sustainable and do not reinvest in ministry
  • Exponential growth in our community
  • Rising property costs: We purchased our property in March 2015 for $700,000, and it is now valued at more than $10 million. Prime locations are highly coveted and being rapidly developed.

Financial facts

  • Projected Phase 1 cost: $4 million ($1.5 million site work, $2.5 million construction)
  • Current balance owed on land $280,000
  • ThornCreek is working with lenders on a $4.25 million loan (to include current land balance + Phase 1)
  • PREVAIL Campaign goal is $1 million over 2 years: Revenue from this campaign plus current funds used for renting facilities would pay against loan balance

Phase 1 At-A-Glance

  • Up to 30,000 square feet of ministry and mixed-use educational space over 2 or 3 floors, including a 300-seat worship center, school classrooms, a large foyer/gathering space, staff offices
  • Additional renovations will be required over time to add functionality. God has already blessed us with over $500,000 worth of furniture, furnishings, and electronics donated by a local business.

Currently underway

  • Balance on the land purchase has been paid down from $700,000 to $280,000
  • Substantial work with City of Thornton on annexation, entitlement, site development
  • Substantial planning and design work with builder and architect
  • Lenders reviewing loan application for final approval

Late Summer/Fall

  • Proceed with City approval and annexation, pending funding approval
  • SAVE THE DATE: September 24, All-Church PREVAIL Vision Event

Late Fall

  • Anticipated groundbreaking
  • SAVE THE DATE: November 11-12, PREVAIL Commitment Weekend

Fall 2018

  • Anticipated move-in and full ministry launch in our new building
  • Pray: God responds to humble hearts that cry out to Him. Pray for God’s favor and blessing to go before us.
  • Engage: We need every person to serve and give sacrificially as God leads them. Every person has a spiritual responsibility to lock arms with the local church to advance the gospel.
  • Motivate: Let your voice and your actions motivate and encourage those around you. Share with them the spiritual mission for this campaign.
  • Commit: Give sacrificially above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings for a two year period

The Audacious Campaign was embarked upon in May of 2015 and scheduled to end in May of 2018. Due to the timing of possible construction on our property, we have made a decision to begin conducting a new Generosity Campaign called Prevail. The giving phase of this new campaign is scheduled to begin on December 2-3 of 2017 and run through November 29-30 of 2019. This means that we are officially ending the Audacious campaign about 6 months early.

The obvious question then is, “should we finish our commitment to Audacious or begin a new one with Prevail?” The answer is truly up to you. We are only asking you to commit to giving above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings to ONE campaign. You can certainly chose to fulfill your commitment to Audacious if you feel called to do so and then begin your new commitment to Prevail, but that is not the expectation. Please consider making a new two-year commitment to Prevail that will begin in December and please continue to fulfill your Audacious commitment up until that point. If you have any questions feel free to contact Pastor Jason.

Audacious Stewardship Update (As of July 2017)

Audacious Campaign: $380,000
Our Land Campaign: $150,000
Sale of Cottonwood Lakes Property: $690,000

Total: $1,220,000

Property Costs: $860,000
Professional Services: $441,600
Rent supplement: $12,000
Other Fees & Taxes: $16,900

Total: $1,330,500

We aim to provide the resources for current ThornCreekers and those in our growing community to live fuller lives in faith and service to God’s call. The primary objective is not to increase financial giving, though that is important; it is to increase our faith and generosity, to increase our awareness to the needs of the community around us, and to each respond to reach those around us to leave an eternal impact on our community.

YES, though it will take faith, commitment and generosity from each of us. The vision seems large, but we are confident it is from God and for Him that we respond. “God is looking for people through whom He can do the impossible – What a pity that we plan only the things we can do by ourselves.” (AW Tozer). This initiative will start the bulldozers and we anticipate God will bless our efforts by drawing many others to TC and TCS to keep the momentum going.

:Historically, churches that open in a new permanent location see a 50% growth over 1 year. This is a very reasonable expectation, especially with the visibility of our property and the rapid growth around us. We are confident God will use our investment to draw individuals and families to Him. PREVAIL should help us cover the payment for at least 5 years. As God blesses us and our church continues to grow we will have additional sources of income.

God has blessed us with just over 15 acres of land. Our goal is to use every square inch of that property for His glory. We believe that we are called to do ministry in a way that if we ever left the community, we would be missed. The four phases are each a part of what we believe God is calling us to do and will be an integral part of our future.

  • Phase 1

Our first building: The building will house both ThornCreek Church and ThornCreek Christian School until we are no longer able to fit. There will be a worship area with seating for over 300 people, and additional space that will be used for our children’s program, youth program, school classrooms, Food For Hope and other opportunities for ministry.

  • Phase 2

A large permanent sanctuary as well as church offices and additional meeting space.

  • Phase 3

Additional school classrooms, multipurpose areas, school offices, etc.

  • Phase 4

Primarily a school building including a gym, offices and classrooms.

It is important to note, that we do not have any set plans or timeframe for these future phases. As God grows His Church and School, we will make plans and build accordingly.

We have completed annexation with the City of Thornton and now only wait for the official vote from City Council which should take place in October. We have been working diligently with the city over the last two years and we believe we are on schedule to break ground sometime after December 1st, 2017.

According to our builder, the build time on phase 1 will be roughly 8 months. Our goal is to have construction underway by January 1st, 2018. Assuming weather cooperates and we don’t run into any unforeseen snags, construction should be completed in time for the 2018 school year to begin.

Typically when churches go through campaigns like this, they see an increase in their overall tithes and offerings. We want to encourage all of our people to tithe regularly before giving to the campaign. It is our desire that this project has no negative affect on what we already do. We will continue to operate in that spirit and do not intend to shift ministry and operations costs over to support the building costs.

Commitment weekend is scheduled for November 11-12, 2017. You will receive a commitment card prior to that date so that you can begin prayerfully considering what you will give. You are certainly welcome to make your commitment early, but we ask that you take your time, pray, seek God’s counsel and study all available campaign materials prior to making your commitments.

Yes! On December 2-3, we are asking that all PREVAIL participants bring a “first fruits” offering to begin the campaign. You will hear more about this in greater detail at our Commitment Weekend, but we encourage you to be thinking about how you’ll be able to participate.

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