3 months in and still going strong!

On November 11 & 12, 2017 we had our pledge weekend for the generosity campaign, PREVAIL. Just a few weeks later, the giving phase began and on December 3 & 4 we entered into that two-year phase. I am pleased to announce the following:

Total Pledged: $502,562
Total Received To Date: $114,487
% of Pledge Received To Date: 22.7%
% of Pledge Expected to Date: 11.5%

Thank you so much for your faithfulness in giving to the PREVAIL Campaign. Work continues to move forward albeit at a slower pace than what we had hoped. We are still working with the city to nail down the development agreement and do not have a set time for this to be completed. Lawyers on both sides continue to work through all of the details. That said, we have major needs that you can be praying for.

  1. Please pray for financing. The cost of this project is immense. You can see above that we have about half a million pledged in giving, but the cost of the project is over $4 million. We are examining all options on the table to raise the necessary funds to help us qualify for a loan.
  2. Continue to pray for the development process with the city. There are still items yet to be resolved and everything takes time. Pray that we will continue to have favor with the city.
  3. Pray that we can find cost savings in this project whether it be through donations, gifts, etc. This project is bigger than us, but not bigger than God. He has a plan!

Thanks again for your faithfulness in giving. We are continuing to trust that God has a plan for our future and for this project. We will continue to move forward as he leads. Thank you for going on this journey with us. It may be long and arduous, but the reward will be great.

Pastor Jason