The Audacious Campaign was embarked upon in May of 2015 and scheduled to end in May of 2018. Due to the timing of possible construction on our property, we have made a decision to begin conducting a new Generosity Campaign called Prevail. The giving phase of this new campaign is scheduled to begin on December 2-3 of 2017 and run through November 29-30 of 2019. This means that we are officially ending the Audacious campaign about 6 months early.

The obvious question then is, “should we finish our commitment to Audacious or begin a new one with Prevail?” The answer is truly up to you. We are only asking you to commit to giving above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings to ONE campaign. You can certainly chose to fulfill your commitment to Audacious if you feel called to do so and then begin your new commitment to Prevail, but that is not the expectation. Please consider making a new two-year commitment to Prevail that will begin in December and please continue to fulfill your Audacious commitment up until that point. If you have any questions feel free to contact Pastor Jason.

Audacious Stewardship Update (As of July 2017)

Audacious Campaign: $380,000
Our Land Campaign: $150,000
Sale of Cottonwood Lakes Property: $690,000

Total: $1,220,000

Property Costs: $860,000
Professional Services: $441,600
Rent supplement: $12,000
Other Fees & Taxes: $16,900

Total: $1,330,500

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